Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tool #3

I did not know youtube had resourses such as TeacherTube, KidsTube, or SchoolTube. I think Teachertube will be useful for finding videos to integrate into lessons. I have used Picassa for my personal use and forgot about using this for the classroom as well. It was a good reminder and it's easy to use to prevent copyright problems.

I forgot how much there is when it comes to using sources you find and how to document what you use. It's important to stay educated on copyright information. I feel more informed on fair use and being able to use short clips when needed for a project or purpose.

I have created a Dropbox and believe it will be useful for the students to access pictures they find on particular topics and it will enable the other students to access each others pictures as well as pictures I add.

This video is a short one to show kindergartners rhyming words.

Here is a video of Goldilocks and the Three Bears the students can listen to and watch.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much is out there? And it changes every day! I'm glad you rediscovered some tools that you are familiar with and hope they work for you this school year!

  2. I think the Dropbox will come in handy to help move photos from iPads to computers and possibly vice versa. There are lots of great videos out there. We need to start making some! ;-)

  3. I agree that the Drop box is agreat tool.