Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

Three things I want my students to understand about being a good digital citizen is 1) how to safely research and navigate websites 2) How to use appropriate etiquette and communication with others on the web 3) How to keep your personal information safe by using your password.

One website I would use is Kidsmart. This website is a good link to teach students about safety on the internet. Brainpop jr. is also a good website.

To teach safety on the internet I would show a video such as one from Kidsmart or NetSmartzKids to introduce the subject. I would hold a group discussion on what the students know about internet safety and good digital citizenship. We would make a chart of appropriate behavior and rules together as a class. 

I would include Digital Citizenship in a newsletter home to the parents. Parents will have to sign an acknowledgement form. The newsletter would include useful information and links the parents can go to in order to learn more. 

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