Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #7 Online Digital Projects

I looked at a bunch of different resources for tool #7. It seemed challenging to me because there were so many different items and I wasn't even sure where to begin. Iearn was a website I felt was best because you could search for age level and find a project that might fit. I found a link on Folk Tales and Story Telling: iEarn Folk Tales

a. Using audio and video, TSW create stories about folk tales to share with students globally.
b. Students will begin to create stories in the first and second nine weeks. During the 3rd 9 weeks, students will record their videos and audio of their stories. The 4th 9 weeks the students will share their videos with other countries via skype and powerpoint presentations.
c. Tools: Skype, Power Point, Story Bird, and Drop Box
d. The students will listen to folk tales read by the teacher and ask parents about other folk tales or alternate versions. They will then recreate these folk tales by using the above tools and create a Power Point or Video.

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