Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool # 11 Assessment and Reflection

Some of my favorite tools I learned about and plan to use are You Tube, Drop Box, Wordle, Brainpop Jr., Storybird, and Google Docs. Although it takes time for students to learn how to use technology and use a keyboard/keypad, I would like students to use Wordle to create a project using words to show what they learned about the topic. 

My vision for my classroom has changed dramatically. Students will be able to use technology to create a wider variety of projects. They will have more choices and activities to do during work stations. They will also be able to expand their knowledge and technology skills. I will have to create an area for technology in the classroom as well as change some of my work stations.

One of the things that surprised me were that some of the websites and requirements for the eleven tools were easy to navigate while others were much more challenging. Things that I thought would be simple sometimes turned out more difficult. I can see there is much more to come when using these online databases, resources, and technology. 


  1. I like that this has expanded your vision for the classroom!! It's great that your thinking about how your classroom set up will be different!

  2. congratulations! You've finished the tools! Can't wait to see how they work out in your classroom!